Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Taylor Rule - using Shiny in R

I am writing this blog post after a really long time. I had the R code and the shiny app ready but somehow i did not get time to post the same. This post is inspired from Taylor Rule screen in Bloomberg terminal. If you are working in finance Bloomberg terminal is like your lifeline. I came across Taylor rule screen on the terminal one of the days while researching on something unrelated to taylor rule. Users who have access to the Bloomberg terminal can access the screen by just typing "taylor" in the terminal.

All the students who have learned about Macro Economics have definitely heard about the taylor rule. The best way to learn about taylor rule is to google it ;). My aim in this post is to develop a shiny app that closely resembles the Bloomberg screen and calculates the taylor rule.

The app can be accessed by using the link : Taylor

The App also contain instruction on how to use the App. The App uses API service provided by Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis . The data is extracted by the App as soon as the user selects the date in the calendar and further calculates the Taylor Rule. Every time user changes the inputs the taylor estimate gets recalculated.

In the past i have promised the code for my shiny app but somehow it has not happened. I will try my best to post the same as soon as possible.

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