Saturday, March 21, 2015

Analyzing Cricket Data using Shiny

Not sure if many people are aware that currently cricket world cup is going on in Australia and New Zealand. New York Times website has an article on country by country probability of winning in each pool->Cricket World Cup :2015.

Readers interested in learning about the game here is the link : Cricket 

I recently created a shiny app in R to visualize batting statistics.In my previous posts i have discussed how one can download data from the web using kimono. Scrapping the data from ESPN website is a painful process but worth the effort.

My main aim of downloading the data was to visualize the same using shiny. This is my first app using shiny and i have hosted the same using the shiny cloud service. I am in the process of documenting the steps and code needed to replicate this application. I will also make the data available to users for download. Here is the link to the App ->  cricket

I love New York Time visualizations and have tried to replicate some of the Baseball visualizations using batting statistics in Cricket.

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