Saturday, April 19, 2014

Prevalence of Obesity in USA - 2012

Objective: The main objective of this map is to study the prevalence of obesity in USA.

Critique: Before any of the experts in data science or data visualization criticize my project in their blogs let me inform you that i am trying to learn and use tile mill, Qgis and scape toad via this data. I am quiet aware that

1) Alaska looks bigger than it should be. I am not sure why but the shape file is the same
2) A better way to show the prevalence of obesity is via a choropleth map over time but  already does this for their viewer.
3) A better way would be to show the same image for 2 different time span and show them side by side but the data for obesity in 1990 is not available for all the states and so it would not be a fair comparision.

usefulness of the distorted map: A good way to use a distorted map like this one is to show population or real estate prices in each state, or internet users. The possibilities are endless.

Technology: I have used a QGIS (open source) for creating shapefiles, Scape toad for creating distorted map and tile mill for making the map look prettier.

1) - for data
2)  - for USA states shape file

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