Friday, October 25, 2013

Social Network

I have used Gephi ( an open source network analysis package) to visualize my network of friends on Facebook. I have edited it using Picasa3. The layout was created using Yifan Hu algorithm  available on Gephi. The layout was created using Modularity class statistic and then using that as a ranking method to create the image.You will observe mainly 2 very distinct cluster of friends. The cluster on right side are my friends in India and the cluster on left is the cluster of friends in USA. 

Both the clusters can be further broken down as follows:

Left side cluster is formed by friends i made when i was a student in Economics program, friends i made during working at bank and friends which were not in my program but i came to know them by working on campus as well through common friend (friend of a friend is my friend). A significant portion  of friends from my bank in USA went to the same school as me and hence we observe a much tighter cluster on the left.

Right side cluster  comprises mainly of family, friends from my boarding school in India and  friends from high school. Very few friends from my high school know my friends in College in India and boarding school. Hence, you observe more clusters on right side than left.

Both  the clusters are linked and are no distinct as i had some friends from India in USA, when i first came here, and they became friends with friends i went to school with, again - friend of a friend is a friend.

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